Upattinas School Fees 2011-2012
Full Time Enrollment:
High School
Annual Family Enrollment Fee $ 750* per year
High School Tuition

$ 13,020 per year

Lower/ Middle School Enrollment:
Annual Family Enrollment Fee $ 750* per year

$ 10,680 per year

* The annual enrollment fee is non-refundable and must be accompanied by a signed enrollment contract.

A discount for siblings is calculated for all families with more than one child in our school. First child pays 100% of the highest tuition and all additional children receive a 25% discount on their tuition.

School District & Third Party Payers:
Student tuitions paid to Upattinas School from school districts or other third-party payers add $2,000 per year to the tuition rate.

Early Graduation Fee:
A $3,000 early graduation fee is added to the tuition when a student chooses to graduate in less than the usual four years of high school.

Tuition Assistance:
All tuition assistance applications are filled out by the family, and then mailed to Private School Aid Service (PSAS) by January 15, 2012. The applications are processed and evaluated through this independent agency hired by Upattinas School.

Tuition assistance may be in the form of financial aid or specific work exchange assignments. Work exchange assignments are based upon the needs of the school and the specific skills of the scholarship applicants. If a work exchange is approved, parents and/or guardian(s) are financially responsible to pay for uncompleted work exchange hours or projects.

The school maintains four tuition assistance scholarships for students representing ethnic groups other than the prevailing group at any given time. These are reserved for people of different races and national backgrounds.

Tuition assistance is limited, therefore, eligibility does not guarantee financial aid nor is financial aid guaranteed from year to year.

Refer to your enrollment contract for further details.

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