Financial Aid
Financial aid is based on both the needs of the family and the school. Scholarship is not guaranteed year to year. Financial aid is processed through the Private School Aid Service (PSAS). Applications are available in the school office. For any kind of financial aid, either scholarship or work exchange, a family must fill out a PSAS application by April 15 to be considered by the Financial Aid Committee for the following year.

The school maintains four scholarships for students representing other ethnic groups than the prevailing group at any given time. These are especially reserved for people of different races and national backgrounds.

Full scholarships are never granted. Everyone must pay the Enrollment Fee.

There are two ways to receive tuition aid at Upattinas; either through direct scholarship or through exchanging actual work for tuition. Work Exchange is available depending upon the needs of the school and the skills available among the applicants. For example, there are always some cleaning and yard maintenance jobs available. We also often have larger fix-ups to be done which might entail carpentry or plumbing.

Application forms for both PSAS and work exchange must be submitted by April 15th for consideration by the committee. It may be possible to be considered later in the summer if you are a new family or there has been a dramatic change in financial circumstances, but this will depend on the availability of funds. Contact the school office for the necessary forms.

If a work exchange is approved and accepted, families will be financially responsible for uncompleted work exchange hours.

Parents and/or guardian(s) of any student who withdraws or changes his or her program will be obligated for full payment. See contract for details.

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