High School
Much like at a college campus, Upattinas students are responsible for selecting courses, attending classes, and completing classwork. Our high school students are self-directed learners who are able to pursue their individual academic, artistic, and social goals. Although students are supported by parents and staff, they are truly responsible for their own education.

As a state licensed school, our high school students must satisfy state requirements to earn a diploma. Credits are accumulated in core subjects as well as electives. In addition to Upattinas course offerings, students may go off-campus in pursuit of a variety of educational experiences. Off-campus learning experiences might include art and music centers, community or other colleges, universities, and apprenticeships. These experiences may be used to satisfy credit requirements.

For those who wish to study on their own, or with a parent or tutor, Upattinas can provide textbooks and workbooks in most subject areas. Students may graduate through the accumulation of individual credits or portfolio presentation. Student evaluations, countersigned by a parent or tutor in addition to a staff member, serve to document and support credits.

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