Lower School
The Lower School program serves children K-8. To enroll, kindergarteners must be five years of age before September 1 of the current school year. Children work and play together based on their interests and the day's activities. The Lower School is a dynamic center for learning, committed to the individual needs of the students with regards to academic skills and social interactions.

Each day begins with a student-led morning meeting. These meetings offer students and teachers an opportunity to announce the day's classes and projects, share personal stories, or bring up issues for the group to solve. The Lower School balances structure and freedom. Students are encouraged to participate in the many classes and activities offered, integrating academic and life skills. Students are free to make choices according to their interests. In addition to academic opportunities, physical activity in the classroom, gym, and outdoors are part of every school day.

Older students in the Lower School have increased responsibility and freedoms appropriate to their maturity, and select classes and activities that suit their individual learning styles. Students and teachers work and play together in a supportive atmosphere, enhanced by interactions with the entire student body.

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