NCACS Conference - Own Your Education!
Alternative Teens Grab Hold of Their Future
New information: Daily schedule, workshop permission, menu and important info.

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National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools Conference 2009
April 23-26, 2009
poster Featuring Three Days of Friendly Camping, Multi-Age Workshops, Inspiring Speakers, Bathing Facilities and Delicious Meals. All hosted on the beautiful Upattinas School Campus in Glenmoore, PA!

Sex and Healthy Relationship, Teens-Only Workshop: Molly McClure
Feel Your Boobies, Breast Health for Young Women: Leigh Hurst
Body Modification Renaissance: VikingLars
Maysie's Farm, a Tasting Tour of Our Local Organic CSA: Sam Cantrell

We're Not So Crazy After All: Chris Mercogliano
Personality Quiz: John Amoroso
Democratic Education, An International Movement: Isaac Graves

Live Performance Saturday Night: Jeff Domenick and the Fraction
Songwriting Workshop and Performance: Craig Bickhardt
Spoken Word, Music, and Performance Showcases Throughout the Weekend

Psychological Counseling at Holden High School: Joel Weber
Spiritual Smorgasbord: Pat Montgomery
Know Your Rights, Youth Civil Rights in America: Tim Trott
Conscientious Objector Status, for Parents and Draft-Age Students: A.F.S.C.

Upattinas Famous Hooping Workshop: Upattinas Students and Alumni
Square Dancing for All Ages: Amy Domenick
Hands-On Art for All: Dolores Kirschner and Teresa Atkins

$200 Adult Member
$225 Adult Non- Member
$150 Student Member
$175 Student Non- Member
$100 One day fee: Saturday Only
$50   Pre-Conference Fee for NCACS Board Member: includes Thurs. breakfast and lunch

Because there are no scholarships available for workshop presenters this year, please plan accordingly to bring your workshop offering to the 2009 Conference. We don't want to miss it!

Upattinas thanks all NCACS member schools and individuals who have completed registration for the Own Your Education! NCACS Conference 2009.

For everyone still interested in attending the 2009 NCACS Conference, registration continues.

A $25.00 late fee will be applied to all registration forms received after April 1, 2009

Please access all registration forms and conference information available here or on

Please note : There are no scholarships available for the 2009 Conference.

Required Forms
If you are ready to register yourself or your group, please access the following:
NCACS 2009 Conference Registration Form
NCACS 2009 Conference Attendee Information
NCACS 2009 Conference Guidelines (Updated 1/22/09)
Permission Slip, Packing List, Schedule, Menu and Information (Updated 4/1/09)

Also please fill out the Worshop Proposal Form, to inform us of any workshops you hope to offer.

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