Teacher Education Program
The Teacher Education Program (TEP) of the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools (NCACS) has been created to provide internships for people who are interested in becoming teachers in schools and programs in which experiential and self-directed learning are the principal means by which children are expected to grow.

The TEP provides interns with placements in schools or programs of their choosing, within the approved list, where they may learn in the same way as their students. It allows for "hands-on", experiential learning that offers the opportunity to try ideas, test previous learning, be creative in exploring new interests, fail and try again.

The intern works with a staff mentor within the school placement, and they usually meet once a week to touch base on the week's activities and the progress of the intern's efforts. The intern plans and then implements a specific project that he/she is interested in doing, reads books and articles relevant to alternative schools, writes book reports, often keeps a daily classroom journal, and finally writes a synthesis paper that ties together his/her year of work. At the end of the TEP experience, the intern puts together a portfolio of all his/her work and presents it to the NCACS board, for their approval, at their spring meeting. If the portfolio is approved, a TEP diploma is presented to the intern.

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